We proudly have on our roster many child voice talents of ages ranging from 4-17, male and female. We even have child talents who are native speakers of Arabic, Italian, Spanish and many other languages. Please ask for samples of these talents.

And they have done a pretty impressive job over these past few years. We've had talents record commercials for Disney, book trailers for Random House, videos for EMC2's VNXe Series, a video shown at the Crayola Factory, iPhone apps and much more.

You can sample a few talents below, and there are more are available upon request. Needless to say, the current talents keep growing up and new talents are always becoming available for your projects!


Here's the new Release My Wild campaign video, featuring teen talent Tori:

This video was narrated by a teen talent in Kenya:


Here's a video in which all the voices are from our child talent roster:

and one featuring the voice of Sydney:

and another featuring the voice of Julia:

Click below to hear other examples:

And an in-store promo for Canadian nightclub Moomba, in which our youngest talent is featured (at the end)



phone prompts


Children voicing telephone prompts



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Or listen to samples in another language:

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