Approximately two-thirds of the world's native speakers of English live in the United States, however the U.S. federal government actually has no "official language".

There is also no agreed-upon "standard accent", but most voice talents aim for an ideal that can be called "broadcast" English. In reality, there are many distinct accents throughout the country (for example, New England, New York, Philadelphia, Midwest, Hawaii, New Orleans, Southern and more). In addition, there are further distinguishable dialects spoken across the country that are not region-specific, such as African American Vernacular.

While your voiceover project may not require a specific American accent, there are cases in which your market would be more swayed by a "familiar" or local sound.

Here are some of our popular voices...


Female   Male  
Melissa M. Tre
Alexis Michael V.
Cara Bill S.
Stephanie Joe G.
Ellie B. Bill D.
Mia Rick S.
Charlotte Jordan
Nickie Rob F.
Lori P. Bruce J.
Jessica W. Adam G.
Sarah P. Jeffrey K.
Krizia Jim A.
Alexa K. Xavier P.
Connie Dan P.
Pam Cecil A.
Aly K . David H.
Anjuli Chris M.
Erin Ed R.
Janellen James M.
Jan H. Alan S.
Jennie E. Xavier S.
Trei Stewart R.
Lisa L. Hunter B.
Randye Richard S.
Leeza Larry H.
Sandy M. Peter M.
Maureen Andy C.
Cammie Ron E.
Margo Scott P.
Theresa S. Ross
Lora C. Burt P.
    Jon S.
KIDS   Kyle M.
Juju Neil S.
Sydney Max G.
Ellie Bob W.
Adeline Steve C.
Sevena Ryan J.


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