Carasmatic Productions was chosen to record the audio for the car navigation system of two of Italy's most famous sportscars, including the audio in Italian! We have recently recorded several hours of e-Learning video in Italian for the international corporation, Manpower, videos for Amazon and more. Our Italian talent roster is bursting at the seams with voices of all types, and we have developed a particular expertise in this language. When we lay back the voiceover to your video, we can easily match the script to the picture -- a service most companies cannot provide.

You can sample a few talents below, and there are many more are available upon request.

Please email us for samples of native Swiss Italian accents, or any other need you may have.


Female   Male  
Sonia Paolo
Lorella Mario
Anna Giancarlo
Daniela Michele
Lara Daniele
Paola Nicolo
Sofia Gian Franco





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