Carasmatic Multilingual Voiceover Productions


Harvard-educated project managers, a decade of voiceover and radio production experience in Tokyo, and the knowledge of how to record a voiceover for the Japanese market make us experts in Japanese Voiceover! When we lay back voiceover to your video, we can easily match the script to the picture -- a service many companies cannot provide.


We have an extensive list of Japanese talent we use on a regular basis, from the top radio DJs currently working in Tokyo, to perfectly bilingual speakers who can record your script in English as well as in Japanese, providing continuity of voice. Our bilingual directors can re-translate, shorten and otherwise modify copy on the spot, and ensure the right read of your script. On our roster we have the voice of the Nagano Olympics, announcers from popular current Japanese TV shows, actors who dub most of the Hollywood movies into Japanese, and actors who portray characters in top-selling Japanese games!

Recent projects in Japanese include videos for Amazon, video games Flashback and Magic School Bus, narration for a ride at the Shanghai Expo, video for Hewlett Packard, video manual for Cooper Tools, and the car navigation system for models of two of the most famous Italian sportscars.

We've also provided native Japanese talent speaking Spanish and French, American-born talent speaking Japanese, and Japanese talent speaking English too!

Have an unusual request? Just let us know and we will do our best to fill it.

You can sample some of our Japanese voices below (each arrow plays a different type of voiceover) and more samples are available upon request.


Female   Male  
Fusako Toshiya
Yu U Hideo K
Yuki R Yoshi A
Yuki S. Tetsuya
Mali Manabu
Atsuko Katsuyoshi
Alpha Hisato
Yuka F Takaaki
Junko Masa K
Etsuko Naoyuki
Makiko Taishi
Kyoko Takahiro
Sachiyo Aze

Voice Talent: Atsuko

Voice Talent: Toshiya

Voice Talent: Fusako

Sock n Boots: Japanese, by D.K. Smith

Voice Talent: Yuki



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