Carasmatic Productions produces music for commercials, television, radio, in-store, telephony, and many other uses. We do a lot of "in the style of" production -- if you tell us you want a 30 second piece that sounds like a specific artist, or is representative of a particular genre, we'll be happy to try and create something that would do the original proud.

Click on some of the samples below:
Original Themes   In The Style Of...  
Soap Sarah McLachlan
Pain Reliever John Mayer
Closet Organizers ACDC
Lullabye EricClapton
Acoustic Pop Colbie Caillat
New Age Lady Antebellum

We are proud to announce that award-winning Spanish music producer Juan de Dios Martín has recently joined Carasmatic Productions in the formation of our new music division, Carasmatic Music.

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