Carasmatic Productions provides a wide choice of native Spanish voice talent from every Spanish-speaking country in Latin America, as well as one of the largest selections around of voiceover talent in European Spanish. All of our Spanish projects are overseen by speakers of the language.

Thanks to our large roster, we also can supply a great variety of Spanish and Latin-accented English for web videos and more! We have recently recorded videos for Amazon and Google, IVR telephone prompts for many national and multi-national companies; hundreds of elearning courses; Spanish language and bilingual audiobooks and apps for children; audio tours for museums; and the Spanish car navigation system of two famous models of luxury sportscars.

Take a listen to some of our voices below, and contact us for samples of specific accents or dialects of Latin American or European Spanish you may not see here.


Female   Male  
Diana Esteban
Mariana Camilo
Valeria Rene
Myriam Mario
Alejandra Mauricio P.
Jessica Pablo R.
Brenda Kiko
Sylvia Rodolfo
Cynthia Mauricio Par
Rosa Maria Luis
Marcela Diego
Krizia Mauricio M.
Rosi Rene D.
Raquel Yvan
Livia Gustavo
Veronica Jesus


Female   Male  
Natalia Daniel
Angelica Sacha
Joanna Salvador
Megui (Catalan) Manuel
Vicky Jose A.
Yolanda (Catalan) Josep (Catalan)
Isabel F. Juanma
Luisa J.I.
Ana Luis E.
Sonia V. David
Beatriz B. Txemi
Amalia Javier L.
Marina S. Sergio G.
Sonia G. Eugenio
Elena S. Fernando
Blanca Enrique
Julia M.    




If you need a specific Spanish accent, just ask!

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