Carasmatic Studios is conveniently located in North Hollywood, California, not far from Burbank Airport. A full-service commercial recording facility, the recently redesigned studio runs ProTools and is equipped with Lynx Aurora converters; Vintec preamp; Neumann mics (our favorite being a 1960s Neumann CMV-563); a large variety of analog preamps, EQs and compressors; a soundproof and acoustically-treated booth; and was custom-designed to handle our in-house voiceover and music projects.

Construction of the acoustic space was spearheaded by a renowned studio designer, and our sound quality gets rave reviews amongst our customers and partners. It is a client-friendly space, with easy parking and many amenities.


We also partner with top-notch recording facilities in New York, Madrid, Paris, Dubai, Tokyo and various cities around the globe so that we are able to record whenever and wherever our clients need us to.

For more choices, contact Joan about your particular studio needs.